And All of a Sudden It’s November

I know that the earth spins around the sun at the same rate every day, but sometimes it seems to spin a little faster than others.  Back in September, I felt like time was going by so slowly.  I was learning so many new things about living in Sri Lanka.  Every day was a new adventure in living abroad.

And then all of a sudden it’s November!  I’ve had a lot of adventures since I went to the cricket back in September.

There was a great trip to swim with the manta rays in the Maldives…

An epic road trip through Rajasthan and into Agra and New Delhi over October break…


And a weekend trip to Kerala in Southeastern India….


Each of these trips will warrant their own individual posts to display some of the photos I captured.

As for life in Sri Lanka, it’s chugging along.  I bought a few items for a home gym.  I decided that I am not very likely to go workout at some crappy smelly gym in Battaramulla.  I checked one out.  It was a “higher end” gym, and it was awful.

home-gymSo I decided to spend the cost of a year’s membership on a spin bike and a kettle bell.  Maybe later I’ll get some dumbbells.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to workout very much yet.  I’ve been really really sick.  After October break, I got sick with a chest cold and a fever.  I never really recovered from it.  For about 2-3 weeks I felt weak and ill.  Then right around the primary production (Peter Pan Jr.), I got really sick.  Like scary sick.  I had a high fever for a few days and a terrible cough.  I was bedridden for a few days with Abby.  bedridden-with-abbyEveryone said that I should have gone to the hospital. I really didn’t want to.  Luckily everything was ok.  But with a fever that high, I shouldn’t have been so silly.

I made a full recovery.  It took a few weeks to feel like myself again, but I’m pretty much all better now.  Just a lingering cough.

Work has kept me really occupied.  Learning how to teach the PYP in this environment has taken a lot of time and energy.  It’s all worthwhile and incredibly interesting.  But there is a lot to learn and a lot of things to navigate.

I enjoy teaching the PYP overall.  It is a very new paradigm for me, so learning how to teach what I know how to teach within this structure (or lack of structure!) is a challenge.  It’s also a bit of a challenge teaching in a place that does not have the same resources that I am used to.  I expected to come to a private international school and have all the resources I need at my fingertips!

This is not the case at all.  Sri Lanka is a developing country.  I can’t just order a set of this or that on Amazon.  There isn’t an endless supply of library of books to choose from.  Math resources are few and far between.  I am finding that I need to be very creative with the materials that are available to me.  It’s not what I was expecting, but I am up for the challenge.  I enjoy extending myself like this.

In a lot of ways I feel as if I am a first year teacher again.  It’s not at all a bad thing.  Thinking about where I just came from…a 9th year teacher of students with emotional disturbance, a decade of living in San Francisco…I was looking for a change.  I wanted to shake everything up in my life.

I have succeeded admirably.  And I am developing more as a teacher than I think I ever would have back in the Bay Area.  thums-up




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