Do We Ever Work?


Yes, we do work.  Of course we work.  Just not on full moons and stuff.  It’s called Poya and it’s an important day for the Buddhists around here.  My first Poya fell on a Wednesday.  So we went to a pool and had a buffet of course!

The on the weekend, we headed south toward Unawatuna.  I’m not sure exactly what part we stayed in.  But we were close to Galle, and right on the beach.  UUUUAbby was allowed to go too, so it was a total win.

The van ride down wasn’t too bad.  The driver kind of sucked, and he was upset that Abby was there.  Apparently he wasn’t informed that a dog would be going for the ride…even though I had arranged it a week before we left.  But we lucked out and he drove us anyways.

The people at the hotel were really nice to Abby.  She was allowed to go everywhere we went:  on the patio, in the restaurant/eating area, and on the balcony. U Abby LOVED it!  It was the first time she’d been off leash since we arrived here.  She got to swim and hang out with lots of people, and she discovered a love for coconuts.  She even won Erika over!

Abby won over Erika’s heart!


The restaurant down the beach from us let me bring her there for lunch, which was nice.  Overall, it was more dog friendly than some places in America!  I did get some stares and confused looks from some of the locals…”why is this crazy lady swimming with that dog!!”.  But I don’t really care if people look at me.  I was having a good time and so was Abby.

After sunning ourselves all day, we went into Galle to walk around and have some dinner.  It was such a cute little town with a very colonial feel to it.  We had a great dinner at this place called Minute by Tuk Tuk.

I will definitely be bringing Abby back down to the beach again.  I might not stay at this same hotel again because unfortunately, they were a little shady about money at the end there.  We paid in full:  some cash, some credit cards.  They counted the money in front of me.  And then walked us to the van and said good bye.  And then I get a phone call saying we owe them Rs5,000 and can I please wire it to this guy’s account.  Nikki got on the phone and argued with him, and he changed the story.  It seemed very shady.  It’s really unfortunate because I liked that place.  It was so comfortable and easy for Abby and I to be there.  I guess I’ll have to seek out another place!


Photos from Galle



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