Final Week and a Half!

I returned from the Epic Road Trip on Thursday, which left me with a week and 5 days until take off.  Abby and I have been lucky enough to stay with my brother and his wife and daughters during this time.  It’s been really great to spend so much quality time with them.  And they live close enough to the city so that I can still see some friends before I leave.

I’ve spent lots of quality time with the girls.  On one day we went to the mall.  Grace had to stop at Verizon to get a new phone, Home7so the girls entertained themselves in the shop while they waited.  They crack me up!  Home3After that we went to the mall to ride some rides and have some lunch.  They love the mall!

I also had the privilege of being there when Sophia tried riding her bike without training wheels for the first time.  She was so excited! It was a little hard, and probably a little scary, but she stuck with it, and did a great job!  She’ll be riding that bike on her own in no time!Home4

On another day, we flew kites.  What a good time that was!


Sophia was so into flying it all by herself.  And she did a fantastic job!

And of course we hit the playground before we left!


We also did a lot of cleaning up…and a lot of videos of cleaning up!

We had a nice Sunday morning Dora session:


Then for Family Day, we went to Traintown, which was a really great time!


Sophia and Nola rode on the airplane ride.

Sophia and I rode on the ferris wheel:  Sophia’s first time ever!

At first she was a little nervous and held my hand tightly, but after a few minutes, she was loving it!

Even the ride home was a good time:

That night, we had a little fun with the time-lapse video mode at dinner.  Nola got such a big kick out this!

She also enjoyed watching Abby eat her dinner:


We played lots of mermaids together too.


Phish Show!

In addition to all the fun family time, I had a chance to see some friends too.  Adriane surprised me with tickets to the first night of Phish at the Bill Graham.  And it was absolutely amazing.  I wasn’t just us geeking out, they really were amazing!


We had such a good time.  At one point I tried to take a picture:


Not only did it not do it justice, but I realized that I was also trying to take a picture of the moment.  I was enjoying it so much that I wanted to capture it.  But I realized that it’s impossible to capture a moment like that.  So I put my phone away and decided to not waste any more time trying to capture moments, and I would just try to enjoy them.  I think I succeeded.

At the set break, we went upstairs to sit down for a few, and we were amazed by the crowd!


What a great last show before I leave the country!!

Thursday:  5 days left!

Had a full day…breakfast with Erika, lunch with Adriane, hang out with Stephanie & Co, and vet appointment!


Late afternoon walk with Cousin Austin
Sophia said “we’re eating like they eat in New Orleans”
After dinner fairy show

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