Spring Break Staycation

I have a tentative departure date for Sri Lanka:  July 26th.  That is in 114 days.  I’ve sold some furniture and donated tons of stuff to Good Will.  I’m on track with all my preparations.  So now it’s a matter of making the most of my time left with my friends and family in the beautiful Bay Area.  This week was spring break.  I stayed local.  I went to Mount Tamalpais on Wednesday.  Then on Friday I did another stairway walk followed by dinner at Dosa.  On Saturday I spent the whole day hiking around Golden Gate Park with friends.

Mount Tamalpais

This is the highest mountain in Marin County.  There are 50 plus trails around the mountain in Mt. Tamalpais State Park.  It’s a pretty built up area.  There used to be a steam train that brought visitors to the top.  There is still a very developed visitors center and trails all around the peak.  There’s even an Inn.

What remains of the old steam train.

My good friend Adriane and I had originally planned to do a hike to the top.  The hike I’d found was a 9 mile hike.  Up hill.  It sounded good when I was reading about it.  But I had gone out the night before and was feeling really tired when go time came around, we decided to drive to the top and hike around up there.IMG_1815



It was gorgeous!  The views were amazing.  You could see all over the Bay Area from the top.  There was a low cloud cover that made us feel like we were sitting on a cloud looking down over the city.

San Francisco Bay


We climbed through the little pathway to the very top of the East Peak. DSC_0550

Photos didn’t really do this view much justice, so we sat there for a while and took it all in.

IMG_1819After we explored the mountain top for a few hours, we decided to drive down to Mill Valley and get some Puerto Rican food at Sol Food.  They have the best chicken thighs I’ve ever had.  And their fried plantains are ridiculous.

Stairway Walk #17: Twin Peaks Foothills

Adriane and I met up on Friday for a city walk.  We started out at the corner of Romain and Corbett, near Upper Market Street, on the same block as Rooftop School.  I’d never explored much out there before, but as it turns out, it was right around the corner from where Adriane lived years ago.  This walk was full of beautiful views of the city.  IMG_1831
It’s a pretty upscale area with lots of great houses and apartment buildings.

We walked down lots of staircases on this walk.  They all ran alongside these huge, beautiful houses with lush gardens.  Everything was so well manicured!

The highlight of the walk for me was when we climbed the stairs at Pemberton Place and walked out onto the open area and saw views of the whole city: from Land’s End to Hunter’s Point.

It was really windy up there, so I shot bunch of photos, but we had to get out of there before we blew away.

IMG_1825IMG_1826After our walk, it was time to go eat some dinner!  We headed to Dosa for some South Indian food.  I am so glad I got to spend so much quality time with Adriane this week.  Our schedules don’t synch up too well, so we don’t always get to hang out so much.  But we really made the most of my spring break this week!!

Local Trip with Be and Tyler

What a perfect end to a very productive and fun staycation in San Francisco.  I had worked hard cleaning up my apartment all week.  I sold 2 pieces of furniture and a leather bag on Craigslist.  And I brought one load of stuff to Good Will and loaded my car with a second load to be dropped off hopefully today.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my dear lovely friends Tyler and Be.  I love these guys so much!  They are one of the hardest parts about leaving San Francisco.  We spent the whole day wandering around Golden Gate Park: laughing and joking and talking.  It really was the perfect end to my wonderful staycation!



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